Sorachi Hideaki 空知 英秋

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Sorachi Hideaki
空知 英秋
Occupation Manga Original Creator
Affiliations Shueisha Weekly Shounen JUMP
集英社 「週刊少年ジャンプ」
Birthday 25 May 1979 / Gemini
Species Human/ Gorilla
Gender Male


Cameo of the manga author in the form of a gorilla drawn by the author himself. The kanji character on the T-shirt is 俺 ore, aka 'I' or 'Me'.

There is a cameo of this (gorilla) cameo in the anime series by the name of Amachi Hideaki 天知 英秋. This anime cameo is a more realistic gorilla which only grunts vs. the manga author's more anthropomorphic version which speaks human language, and whose voice-over in the anime series is done by the author himself. Both cameos have appeared in the anime series.


Anthropomorphic version of a gorilla, wearing only a yellow T-shirt with the kanji character 俺 ore, aka 'I' or 'Me'. The closest approximation to the manga creator's real face have only been fleetingly touched on in the tankoubon jacket's inner sleeves, as shown below:


Self-confessed that he likes "big boobs".verify: which book source

Background Story

Please describe his background story, how he came to be in this current form/situation.

Other Works

  • 13 (short series)


Sorachi Hideaki sensei's typical schedule[1] goes like this:

Daily schedule on working days:

  • 13:00 - wake up
  • 14:00 - meals
  • Followed by work until
  • 20:00 - meals
  • Followed by work

Daily schedule on rest-days:

  • Rest

Weekly Schedule (Gintama is currently published weekly on Weekly Shounen Jump):

  • Thursday - get in touch with editor, thereafter sleep
  • Friday - buy work related stuff, colouring work, setting out plots
  • Saturday - general plots completed, rough sketching in of characters/settings/storyline/dialogue within frames commences
  • Sunday - rough sketching in of characters/settings/storyline/dialogue within frames continues
  • Monday - gathering of assistants, backgrounds laid on except where sketching in not completed
  • Tuesday - finishing up background where sketching is completed, typically today all staff do not sleep
  • Wednesday - 6am sketching in completed, thereafter drawing in and pen inking starts, manuscript is finished at about 3am
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  1. Rough translation from Sorachi Hideaki, Gintama Official Character Book 2 - Gintama 5th Grader, Jump Comics, Shueisha Inc. page 193