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Gintama manga is written by Sorachi Hideaki 空知 英秋. Manga was first serialized in Shueisha's Weekly Shounen Jump (集英社-週刊少年ジャンプ) Year 2004 Vol.2 edition and serialization is still ongoing (February 2020). The anime series is based largely on the manga, interspersed with the occasional anime episode created by the anime creators themselves. As a result, some characters are original anime characters not found in the original manga. As of 4 Jul 2014, 55 volumes of the manga tankoubon have been published by Jump Comics. Volume 56 is scheduled for Oct 2014 release.The series is helmed by renowned director Takamatsu Shinji 高松 信司 (presently with Sunrise Studio), well-known for directing other comedic anime including 「スクールランブル」 'School Rumble' and 'Kochikame' (full title is 「こちら葛飾区亀有公園前派出所」 kochira katsushikaku kameari kouen mae hashutsujo). From episode 100 onwards, Fujita Youichi 藤田 陽一 takes over as director and Takamatsu Shinji became supervising director.verify: check designations Sunrise Studio's flagship anime is the GUNDAM series, and the Tokyo suburb where Sunrise Studio is located promotes GUNDAM images extensively, including a MS RX-78 statue near the Kami-igusa train station, the titular mobile suit in the series. This is also one of the reasons that Gundam is frequently spoofed in the Gintama anime.

The Gintama anime was introduced in the Jump Festa Anime Tour 2005, after which it debuted on the 「火曜いージャン!!」 kayou i-jan!! segment, a Tuesday 1900~2000 hours time slot together with the 'Bleach' anime series on TV Tokyo channel on 2006-04-04 in Japan. It was subsequently moved to every Thursday 1800~1830 hours, outside the 'golden time' hours from October onwards in the same year in Japan. The series ended its run after Season 4 on 25 Mar 2010, at Episode 201. TV Tokyo announced a series of repeat telecasts called 「よりぬき銀魂さん」 yorinuki gintama tama san aka 'The Best of Gintama-san' to be shown every Monday from 1800~1830 hours starting 5 April 2010.

Yorinuki Gintama-san's logo
New logo for Gintama anime series' relaunch

On 6 Dec 2010, it was announced in Weekly Shounen Jump Year 2011 vol.1 that the anime series will resume in April 2011. A few days later, the new logo for the upcoming series was also launched, with the 魂 tama character bearing an apostrophe on its right. Episode 205 had a omake dedicated to explaining this new logo.

Series 2 re-start has been scheduled for 4 April 2011, Mondays 6pm slot.

Season 2 and 3's time slot is just before the キンコンヒルズ 'King Kong Hills' variety show at 1830~1900 hours, which aired from 2006-10-5 until 2009-04-06[1]. This show was hosted by duo by the name of キングコング King Kong, comprising comedians 西野 亮廣 Nishino Akihiro ( tsukkomi role) and 梶原 雄太 Kajiwara Yuuta ( boke role). This explained why the ending omake of some of the Gintama episodes aired during this time period frequently has Ginpachi Sensei calling out "Oi, King Kong duo, please take it from here".

In accordance to the manga's original premise, the series is part-period drama, part-science fiction and 100% comedy, with elements of space monsters and aliens mixed with historical samurai and ninjas. The story centres around a silver-hair samurai by the name of Sakata Gintoki, who founded a business outfit called Yorozuya Gin chan, that takes on all kinds of odd jobs in Edo. Its episodic nature meant that there is no main plot, but there are a few long chapter that spanned a number of episodes, the longest thus far being the The Blaze of Yoshiwara First Chapter 吉原炎上篇 standing at 8 episodes. Some episodes are made up of 2 different stories, comprising Part A and Part B.

Storyline Summary

Introduction Narration

Shimura Shinpachi's introduction narration at the beginning of earlier episodes:

<poem> 「侍の国」 'Kingdom of Samurai'

僕らの国がそう呼ばれたのは、今は昔の話。 That was what our country was called long ago.

二十年前、突如異世界から舞い降りた天人(あまんと)の台頭により 侍は衰退の一途をたどった。 Twenty years ago, the surge of the Amantos from some strange world who descended suddenly on our skies, led the samurais down the road of decline.

かつて侍達が仰ぎ、夢を馳せた青い空には異郷の船が飛び交い Where once, samurais used to look up and dream about foreign spaceships flying back and forth in a blue sky,

かつて侍達が肩で風を切り歩いた街には、今は異人がふんぞり返り歩く。 where once, samurais used to swagger down the streets, now it is the foreigners that strode with arrogance.

それが僕らの世界。 That is our world.

それが僕らの町、江戸である。 That is our town, Edo. </poem>

And so goes the background setting for this anime series, which revolves around the adventures of an odd-job merchant which goes by the name of 'Yorozuya 万事屋' ...

[2] Near the end of the Edo period in the Gintama world, a extra-terrestrial foreign species collectively termed Amanto (天人) forcefully descended upon Earth, and not long thereafter, Earth inhabitants waged what was to become an approximately 20-year war with the Amantos, broadly called the Joui War (攘夷戦争). Many samurais and Joui patriots joined in this fight to expel the foreigners. However, the Amantos' overwhelming military might, coupled with the weak Bakufu government, led to the meek submission of the ruling Shogunate, thereby allowing the Amantos to overrun the Earth with ease. The Bakufu government in effect became the Amantos' puppet government, and from then on, the Amantos were able to swagger down the streets of Edo with total disregard for anyone. On the other hand, the Joui rebels who fought against the Amantos became the target of the Bakufu government's crack-down operations. As part of the suppression campaign, a ban on carrying swords in public was effected, and the heretofore valiant samurais lost their fighting spirit.

Fast forward 20 years after the Amantos' arrival, a teenager by the name of Shimura Shinpachi 志村 新八 is seen working in a cafeteria much against his will. He inherited a dojo from his deceased father but has very limited sword training, and so is unable to resuscitate the school of sword skills. Though a young boy, he still believes in the age-old spirit of the samurai. At this point, a remarkable character appeared before him, a character who still embodies the age-old samurai spirit, and whose name is Sakata Gintoki 坂田 銀時. Attracted by the sense of chivalry exuded by this character, Shimura Shinpachi decided to work for him at his outfit called Yorozuya 万事屋 in order to learn the samurai spirit. Not long after that, an Amanto of the Yato tribe by the name of Kagura 神楽 and an Inugami in the form of a huge dog, latterly named Sadaharu 定春 by Kagura, joined the company.

And thus, Yorozuya, which gets involved with literally every odd-job in Edo, Shinsengumi 真選組 which is responsible for the law and order in the city, and Sakata Gintoki's past comrades, come into contact with all kinds of people and Amantos as their many adventures unfold.

Movie Versions

Movie 1

A movie version of the Benizakura Chapter (anime episodes 58 to 61) was released in the the theatres in Japan starting 24 April 2010, during the Golden Week holiday. After the movie ended its run on 2 August 2010, the DVD went on sale on Dec 15 the same year. The following year 2011, television broadcasts of the movie were slated for the following locations/time slots, coinciding with the Golden Week national holidays:

  • TV Tokyo ~ 29 Apr 2011 (Fri), 0800 to 0955 hours
  • TV Aichi ~ 3 May 2011 (Tue), 1000 to 1155 hours
  • TV Osaka ~ 3 May 2011 (Tue), 1000 to 1155 hours

Movie 2

Movie 2 Gintama Movie - The Final Chapter was scheduled to open nationwide in Japan on 6 July 2013, 3 years after the Benizakura Movie.

Kintama 金魂


Kintama 金魂 (lit. "golden balls" or a bawdy euphemism for testicles based on the characters 金玉 which has the same phonetic reading), a self-parody of Gintama 銀魂 itself, is set in the alternate world of Male Host Club located in Shinjuku 新宿 instead of Kabuki District 歌舞伎町. It was first published in Vol.5 of the manga tankoubon with an alternative jacket showing the 'Kintama' logo and labelled 'Vol.0', but the storyline was very brief. Kintama was subsequently aired in the anime series from Episode 151 to Episode 154 as a prelude omake before the main episode starts, with an expanded storyline developed by the anime studioverify: to what extent? .

Ketsu-ago Shinpachi ケツ顎新八 and Sakata Kintoki 坂田金時

The story revolved around Ketsu-ago Shinpachi ケツ顎新八 (literally butt-chin Shinpachi), who lost his 'Number 1 Host' position when a new league of golden-haired blue-eyed foreigner hosts descended upon Shinjuku and dominated the male host world. Once when a customer was giving him a hard time, another golden haired man appeared before him, a man called Sakata Kintoki 坂田金時. On Shinpachi's request, they decided to try and take back their 'Number 1 Host' position, but first he has to do something about his butt-chin. Then a mysterious lady in Chinese outfit by the name of Kagura appeared before them, saying she will help them if they swear allegiance to her. The story ended with Shinpachi having undergone plastic surgery to correct his butt-chin, which turned into ... (censored).

The new league of foreign male hosts look suspiciously like the alter-egos of Shinsengumi members, as shown below:

On the left, from top to bottom, the alter-egos of the characters in Kintama are:

On the right, from top to bottom, the alter-egos of the characters in Kintama are:

  • White Horse, supposedly Yamazaki Sagaru, as a spy in disguiseverify: check

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  1. Refer to the Japanese Wikipedia for more information on this variety show.
  2. Translated from Japanese Gintama Wikipedia